Monday, November 12, 2012

"Gangsta Rap?"

     The reading about "gangsta rap" was incredibly entertaining and interesting to me.  Although I recognize the morals and values expressed in rap music are often far from respectable, the scholarly prose of the article made it difficult for me to take seriously. I do not wish to discredit the author of the article, and I agree with many of the points made within the piece.  However, I am slightly embarrassed to say, the language used made me laugh despite the serious topic.  When reading the formal sounding text of this article, I couldn't help but think of rap songs I own and feel as though the author went about the topic in a too-serious fashion.  His words almost made me discredited him despite the good points he made.  The view of the power structure between White men and African American rappers in this piece also seemed more harmful than good to race and class stereotypes.  I was surprised that the article almost seemed to degrade African Americans when commentating on the dominance structures of rappers to white men.  Saying they can not challenge the white power that gives them money seemed like a step backwards, which went unnecessarily beyond the argument against degrading women.

       Rap music is well integrated into today's culture and pop music.  I have grown to enjoy the rap/R&B genre which tends to be more soft than the music described in this piece, though this is not always the case.  I own several songs by artists like Ludicrous, which carry degrading lyrics towards women. I don't take much offense to rap lyrics although I have heard a song or two that has put me on edge.  Despite my apathy towards some rap music however, I do realize the serious implications pointed out in this piece.  The misogynistic behavior of rappers, as described in this article, is unacceptable.  I know men, who love heavy "gangsta" rap music, who would never consider actually physically hurting a woman.  However, I do see how these raps can make the listener less sensitive to abuse and disrespect towards women.  Encouraging such behavior is wrong and the resulting attitudes are unacceptable.  

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