Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stereotypes in Glee

     This week's reading goes into depth on how everyone has stereotypes in the media. I decided to watch Glee after reading about all these stereotypes that people don't even notice anymore. I felt very aware of the stereotypes presented in the show.  Although I love the show, Glee gives me mixed feelings because the whole concept plays off the idea of stereotypes.  It is considered a progressive in trying to point out these problems and present more accepting and forward thinking ideals.  However, as helpful as the show may be in pointing out some issues in today's society, I don't feel as though the show has actually done anything in the realm of stereotypes.  For the average american watching the show, I feel as though the characters are viewed as entertainment personalities and not cultural statements. 

   I found a blog post that complains about the stereotypes in Glee as being too extreme.  Many of the commenters argued that this is the whole purpose of Glee, to point out these extremities in a funny way.  Although I agree that Glee is not out to offend anyone, I know I laugh at the stereotypes because they are relevant and familiar.  Glee simply does not make me want to change my thinking or views.  I can not help but wonder if the younger Glee audience is made more accepting and socially liberal than their peers.  I question if it is possible that, for the younger audience, Glee may actually create the pervasion of many widespread ideas about certain groups.  While some may grow up believing in gay marriage, they may also grow up convinced that all homosexual males are effeminate and fashion conscious, which is simply not true.  Although I still plan to continue watching Glee I feel as though the show may cancel itself out.

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